eForm 1 Application Adds - UNITED STATES, Do I Engrave USA or City, State?

When you file for a ATF Form 1 tax stamp using the ATF's eForm website, the ATF will add ", UNITED STATES" after manufactures that are located within the United States.  This is also added after FORM 1 REGISTRATIONS.  Both are shown below as examples.  The question becomes, what do you need to engrave on the  NFA firearm that you are making?  United States or your City, State?  The ATF eForm 1 applications, omit the city and state off of the application.  This means you will still need to engrave the applicants name, city and state.  You won't need to engrave UNITED STATES, but your applicant name, city and state.

eForm 1 FMI Example eForm 1 CZ-USA Example

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