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eForm 1 Fingerprints Received Application Update?

When applying for an eForm 1 tax stamp using the ATF's eForm website, you will physically mail in your fingerprint cards to the ATF.  The ATF will send you a cover sheet once your application has a submitted status.  The cover letter will include the address where you will send your cover letter and fingerprint cards to.  Once the ATF receives your fingerprint cards, your eForm 1 application can proceed.  But the ATF won't send you a confirmation email or update your application on the eForms website to indicate that your fingerprints have been received.  When you apply using the ATF Form 1 paper application, the indicator that your application was received is when your form of payment for your $200 tax stamp has been charged.  This doesn't happen with the ATF eForm 1 application, since you pay on the last screen of the application.  This means that if you want track the delivery of your fingerprint cards for your eForm 1 application, you will need to mail your cover letter and fingerprint cards with a mail service that has a tracking number.  With the tracking number, you can check to see if and when your cover letter and fingerprint cards were received.

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