FD-258 Fingerprint Card Fillable .PSD File

We have created FD-258 Fingerprint Card Fillable .PSD File that can help creating your fingerprint cards for multiple tax stamp applications or one tax stamp application. Each responsible person on the application, will need to submit two fingerprint cards for each tax stamp application.  With our FD-258 fingerprint card kit you can simply fingerprint yourself.  To further help with the FD-258 fingerprint card creation, we have created a Photoshop .PSD file that you can use to fill in your information and print in the sections of the FD-258 fingerprint card without having to write them in.  This means you can print two cards for your application and save the file for later or print 10, 20, 30, or more cards with your information already on the card.  Simply add the fingerprints using the ink kit from our kit or your own supplied ink pad.  Note: Photoshop or program that can open/edit .PSD files is required to use this file.  This .PSD file is printer universal, but you may need to modify the spacing as printers can take in paper in different ways.  You can print a sample page first to align the fields and further correct from there. 

Download FD-258 Fingerprint Card Fillable .PSD File

Below are examples printed using our FD-258 Fingerprint Card Kit and the FD-258 Fingerprint Cards that are distributed by the ATF. 

National Gun Trusts Fingerprint Card Kit Example ATF FD-258 Card Example

 FD-258 PSD file example NGT ATF

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