First Annual /r/NFA "Stamp Race"

*UPDATE NOVEMBER, 14, 2019* - This contest "Stamp Race" has been postponed indefinitely. Source: r/NFA post 11/14/2019. 

On this day in 1918, the guns fell silent over the battlefields of Europe. The Great War was over, and the battered armies of the nations of the world started to pack up and go home. Among many other important industrial advances made during the war, firearms saw a great leap forward. The outdated infantry tactics did not catch up to the modern technology. Many troops encountered machine-guns, fought them, manned them, and feared them. As they started to return home to the United States, many brought back their understanding of this technology. Some brought back captured german machine-guns. Others took their understanding of this technology and applied it. Some invented new firearms based on their experience with trench warfare or demands from their customers. The Tommy Gun. The Browning Automatic Rifle. WWI veterans brought this knowledge back, and the mob used these lessons learned to great effect during prohibition. With tactics still slow to evolve, these firearms gained notoriety, and eventually Congress stepped in.

These events led directly to the creation of the National Firearms Act of 1934. The bill was a response to perceived mob violence. Congress attempted to ban/highly regulate some of the tools the mob used that scared the public. Concealable firearms. Automatic firearms. Suppressors (mostly because of poaching during the great depression, but was sold as a way to prevent the mob from doing quiet assassinations) were included. Pistols were also initially included, but were stripped from the final bill.

At the time, the cost to build, transfer, and register was $200, the same as it is today. In today’s dollars, however, that would have been approximately $3800. Today, we benefit from the economic forces of inflation, which make $200 relatively affordable. Now, more than ever, US gun owners possess the items regulated under the act. eForm 1’s allow people to file and get approved in under a month in many cases. Form 4’s take about a year, but have been less. Suppressors are more popular than ever. Bills like the Hearing Protection Act are being proposed and seriously pushed (even if they are not successful), while many states have deregulated suppressors and short-barreled firearms in recent years.

Here at r/NFA we have been working hard to help cultivate knowledge and expand responsible NFA ownership. To help promote and destigmatize NFA ownership, r/NFA is hosting the first annual “Stamp Race”. It’s really simple. Coordinated form 1 and 4 submittals, and the first approval wins. We have partnered with SilencerShop and Ally Outfitters to make things interesting. The rules are simple.

There are four categories:

  • eForm 1 Individual

  • eForm 1 Trust

  • Form 4 Individual

  • Form 4 Trust

The mass submittal date is 29 January 2020. Any stamps that go pending on or after this date are eligible to compete. Picking a date this far out is intended to give people plenty of time to get their stuff in order. Why 29 January? Well, in 1968, Haynes v US was decided, and invalidated the NFA. Congress passed the Gun Control Act of 1968 shortly after in response, but most people are unaware that there have been efforts, even successful ones, that have occurred to restore the right to keep and bear to the people. We are attempting to celebrate this day by expanding firearm ownership and destigmatizing the NFA process.

Silencershop is working with us for the Form 4 race- if you call them up and let them know that your form is part of the event, they will hold it and mail it all at the same time as everyone else’s. eForm 1’s will be easy enough to see, given that each date is digitally stamped in the eFile system. Winners must post their comment claiming a win, and then provide verifiable proof to the moderation team, who will certify the win. For eForm 1’s, this involves a screenshot with dates showing that the form was submitted on or after 29 Jan, must include the user’s username in that screenshot somehow (i.e. window open with notepad saying u/USERNAME. PII may be redacted at the user’s discretion. Form 4’s will require a redacted copy of the paperwork sent to moderators, with the user’s username written on a post-it on the form. All dates must be legible. HOWEVER, enough data must be included for moderators to call the ATF and check the status of the form. That includes serial number and name of applicant. For Form 4’s this will also include the name of the SOT transferring the firearm. For tiebreakers, whoever submits to modmail first with proof of victory shall be the winner in that category. In the interest of fairness, FFL holders are not eligible to participate, due to an unfair advantage as compared with everyone else.

 /u/NationalGunTrusts is offering discounted trusts through THIS LINK for this event, and a holosun reflex sight for each of the four winners.  Contest thread will go up on 29 January.

Source: First Annual /r/NFA "Stamp Race"

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