Gun Trust Name Examples

When creating your gun trust, you will be asked on how you want to name your gun trust.  The gun trust name is decided by the settlor of the gun trust.  We go over different common naming schemas below that might help you decide on a gun trust name.

Name Based Gun Trust Names:

Most gun trusts are named after the settlor of gun trust or derivatives of the settlor's name.  For example, if your name is Mike Smith, then you might name your gun trust: Mike Smith Gun Trust, Mike Smith Firearm Trust, Smith Gun Trust, Smith Family Gun Trust, MS Gun Trust (your initials), etc.  The words "gun" and "firearm" aren't required to be in your gun trust name, but adding them can help differentiate your gun trust from a family trust, living trust or other trusts that contain your name only.  Gun trust names are also typically short in nature mainly due to the fact that for ATF Form 1 or ATF eForm 1 tax stamp applications will require you to engrave the gun trust name, city and state on the ATF Form 1/ATF eForm 1 firearm. 

Firearm Based Gun Trust Names:

Gun trust names can be the name of the firearm itself and the serial number, e.g. Octane 45 OCT45-0001 Trust.  This naming method is used by Silencer Shop's Single Shot Trust and others who have firearm level gun trusts.

Other Common Gun Trust Names:

We also see gun trust names based off of nicknames, tax stamp based gun trust names, location based gun trust names, company named gun trust names and other names. This is the more creative section of gun trust names, where you can create your own gun trust name. Examples include, Mighty Mike Trust, Mike’s Form 4 Gun Trust, Mid-Missouri Gun Trust, Example Co Gun Trust. We mentioned this earlier in the article, but be mindful that you will need to engrave your gun trust name on ATF Form 1 and ATF eForm 1 firearms.

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