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How do I get my fingerprints taken?

Getting your fingerprint cards are required for all responsible parties in your gun trust.  This includes the settlor and co-trustees, or any other party that is an active member in that gun trust.  Depending on where you live, the location for getting finger prints will vary.  There are fingerprint services that you can search for via Google or call your local police department to see if they administer finger print card services.  Now that you have some location options,  what fingerprint card do you get? 

Per the ATF "Fingerprints must be submitted on Fingerprint Identification Cards, FD–258 that have been issued by ATF. The fingerprint cards must contain the following ORI information: WVATF0900; ATF–NATL EXPL LIC, MARTINSBURG WV. These fingerprint cards may be obtained by contacting the Federal Explosives Licensing Center at 877-283-3352 or the ATF Distribution Center at 703-870-7526 or 703-870-7528. The fingerprint cards must be completed by your local law enforcement authority. Source ATF, "How do I get my fingerprints taken?"."

Here is an example of the ATF FD-238 Fingerprint Card.

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