How does the customer sign for eForm 4?

When applying for a tax stamp using the ATF eForm 4, the transferor and transferee will need to certify the application with their PIN codes that are created when the user creates their ATF eForm account.  An excerpt from our ATF eForm 4 NFA Tax Stamp Walk-Through Guide, is included below to explain the process in more detail. 


Transferee Certify:  The transferee can select the certify button to certify their information.

Transferor Certify:  The transferor can select the certify button to certify their information.

Pay:  Click the “Pay” button to pay the ATF for your application.  A pop-up will open that will allow you to submit your payment.  Once you have entered in your payment information, you will be able to close that window.  If no window pops-up then you might need to check your pop-up blocker settings or other browser settings to allow for pop-up windows.

Sign & Submit:  Click the “Sign & Submit” button to submit your ATF 5320.4 eForm.  You will need to validate the user id and the user pin.  To begin, the transferee will read through the statement and enter in their ATF eForm’s username and pin.  Once that has been entered, you can click validate pin.  This process is repeated for the transferor.  The transferor will enter in their pin number and click submit.

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