How to Avoid Pending Research Phase ATF eForm 1 Tax Stamp Application

When you are making an NFA Firearm using the ATF Form 1 application, you have the option of applying using the ATF's eForm website.  The ATF’s eForm 1 tax stamp application is becoming the preferred way to apply for the ATF Form 1 tax stamp to make an NFA Firearm.  This is mainly due to the approval time averaging 32 days after applying.  This is only true, if your application doesn't first go into the pending research phase.  If your application goes into the pending research phase first, then you are going to be adding, at the time of writing this blog post, 150+ days to the 32 day average approval time for a total of around 180 days to be approved.  The pending research phase, however can be avoided in certain situations laid out below. 

How to Avoid Pending Research when Making a Silencer

On screen/page 6 of the ATF eForm 1 application, Line Item Page, you will be able to add your firearm to your application using the FMI manufacturer code.  After hitting next, you will be able to complete the details of the silencer that you are going to make.  This is where you can avoid the pending research phase.  You will select silencer from the product type drop down.  Once selected, the model drop down will begin to load.  It may take a few minutes for the model drop down to fully load.  You can use any of the model names and caliber combinations from the drop down to make your silencer.  Items that are within this list have already been researched and won't be subject to the pending research phase.  It can take time to find a model name that you like that also has a caliber that you are going to make, as well.  In most cases the "N/A" model has the most already researched calibers that you can chose from.  If you select the "My item description is not in the list, create new item" radio button, you will be able to make add a new caliber, model name, etc.  But that is when your application will be subject to the pending research phase.  

How to Avoid Pending Research when Making a Silencer

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