How to Cancel a Pending ATF Form 1 and Resubmit with the ATF eForm 1

The ATF recently brought back the ATF eForm application website.  This means that you can now use the ATF eForm site to apply for the ATF 5320.1 tax stamp using the eForms site.  The eForm site is advantageous to use because the approval times range from 6 days to 30 days.  Whereas, the ATF 5320.1 paper application that is submitted to the ATF via the mail will take around 5 to 7 months to be approved.  The ATF eForms site recently came back online to use.  Making many applicants who applied in the mail with their ATF 5320.1 paperwork question the process to withdraw their currently pending application and reapply using the much quicker ATF eForm's site.  Below we desire what is required to withdraw your application and reapply using the ATF eForm 1 website.

You will need to send an email to the ATF stating that you want to withdraw your application.  The ATF submission email is  The below bulleted information is what the ATF will require to withdraw your pending ATF 5320.1 application. 

  • Name of Applicant:  This is the name of the individual, trust or legal entity located on your ATF 5320.1 paperwork.   This information is located in Box 3b. of your ATF 5320.1. 
  • Name of Application and Received Date:  This the form number and the date that the ATF received your application.  You will need to call the ATF to get the received date of your application.  Example: ATF 5320.1, received August 7th, 2018.
  • Serial Number: This is the serial number of the NFA Firearm. This information is located in Box 4g. of your ATF 5320.1. 
  • Reason for Withdrawing your Application: The ATF recommends the phrase, "I want to withdraw my application."  However, you can use any other reason if you would like to. 
  • Signature and Date: This is the signature of the individual in Box 3b of the ATF 5320.1 or the signature of the responsible person if applied via trust or legal entity. Note: You will need to create a document that has the above bulleted information, print the document and sign the document.  Then you will need to scan the document into your computer and attach it in the email to the ATF.  

If you have submitted a check, money order or other non-credit card payment to the ATF, then you will receive your refund in the mail in 3 to 5 months from the ATF.  The fingerprint cards that you and if applicable the responsible persons sent to the ATF will not be used for your ATF eForm 1 application.  This means that you will need to supply another set of fingerprint cards for each responsible person on the application when you apply for the ATF eForm 1. 

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