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Is the ATF 4473 Required to Pick Up a Silencer, SBR or Other ATF Form 4 NFA Firearm?

After the ATF has approved your ATF Form 4 application and sent your tax stamp to your SOT dealer, you will then be able to pickup your NFA Firearm(s).  The wait time to be approved by the ATF can vary from 7 to 11 months and in some cases might be approved sooner or later than that timeframe.  You can check our ATF Form 4 Approval Tracker for the most up to date approval timeframes.  When you do visit your SOT dealer to pick up your NFA Firearm(s), you will then be required to fill out the ATF 4473 for the NFA firearms(s).  This is completely normal and required by the ATF.  However, you aren’t required to go through the NICS background check for the NFA firearm(s) that you are picking up.  The SOT dealer will simply use Box 20 of the ATF 4473 do indicate that you will not need to have a NICS background check performed at that time. 

Box 20 States:  "No NICS check was required because a background check was completed during the NFA approval process on the individual who will receive the NFA Firearm(s), as reflected on the approved NFA application."

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