Is the ATF 5320.23 Required for an Individual eForm 1 Application?

When you are applying as an individual for the ATF Form 1, ATF eForm 1, ATF Form 4, or ATF Form 5 you aren't required to submit the ATF 5320.23 form.  We recently commented on a Reddit post where the original poster was asking if they would need to submit the ATF 5320.23 for the eForm 1 application specifically.  When you are applying for a tax stamp using the ATF eForm 1 system you are asked how you want to apply.  Meaning, are you applying with a gun trust, as an individual, or as a legal entity.  If you choose the individual option the eForm application will change to reflect that.  This means when you get to screen 3: Responsible Persons the "Form 5320.23 - Choose File" box will be greyed out and you won't be able to upload a ATF 5320.23 form.

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