Is There a "Build By Date" for an Approved Form 1 NFA Firearm?

The ATF reintroduced the ATF eForm 1 application in 2018, since then the approval time of the ATF Form 1 applications has drastically been reduced.  The paper ATF Form 1 can still be used and is still accepted by the ATF. However, many applicants choose to the use the ATF eForm 1 based on the approval time.  The ATF Form 1 can take 7 to 12 months to be approved by the ATF, whereas the ATF eForm 1 can take on average 32 days.  In some cases much sooner and in little as a week.  These approval times are essentially the same across all three applicant types, individual, gun trust and legal entity.  Once you have an either an approved ATF eForm 1 or an approved ATF Form 1 application, you will be able to then make or manufacture your Form 1, SBR/SBR, silencer, etc.  There is however, no minimum or maximum time, as of 2020 on when the applicant will need to make or manufacturer the NFA firearm by.  This means, you could essentially have the approved tax stamp manufacturer your Form 1 silencer, but you could wait to manufacture the Form 1 silencer at any time after you have your approved tax stamp in hand.  In fact, if you decide that you don’t want to make or manufacturer your Form 1 NFA firearm you can submit paperwork to the ATF requesting your $200 tax stamp be refunded.  You can refer to our article, "Can You Get a Refund for Your ATF 5320.1 Form 1 NFA Firearm Tax Stamp?", to learn more. This can only be done if you have not made or manufactured that NFA Firearm from your approved tax stamp.  This is also true with an SBR/SBR and any other Form 1 NFA firearm.  In summation, there is no hard set make or manufacture date for the Form 1 NFA firearms. 

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