Making Corrections to your ATF Paperwork - Initial and Date the changes

Before you submit your ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4, ATF Form 5, ATF 5320.23 you should always review your form to ensure that there are no errors in your paperwork.  Errors in your ATF paperwork can lead to delays, paperwork changes, and in rare cases requiring the applicant to reapply.  You can view the Top 10 Reasons Why the ATF/NFA will return your ATF Form 4 or ATF Form 1 Application here.  If you notice errors in your ATF Paperwork you can fix these errors before submitting your application to the ATF in two ways. 

  • Redo your ATF Paperwork:  If you notice an error on your ATF paperwork, you can simply redo the ATF paperwork.  You can make the changes to your editable ATF .PDF, reprint and sign the paperwork (if necessary).  You can use our ATF Form Generators here to create the paperwork, as well. 
  • Make the Corrections on the ATF Paperwork:  If you notice an error on your ATF Paperwork, you can also make the corrections on the ATF paperwork using a pen.  You can cross out the information that is incorrect.  Make the changes on the ATF paperwork and the person who is making the changes will initial and date the changes.  This method is commonly used if there is an error on the ATF 4473 paperwork.  However, the changes that are made on the paperwork will need to be made on all of the ATF copies and the CLEO copy of the paperwork, but can also be used on other ATF paperwork.  If the changes being made are on the ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4 or the ATF Form 5, the changes may be reflected on your approved stamp.  For that reason this is not the preferred correction method, but this method can still be used. 

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