Top 10 Reasons Why the ATF/NFA will return your ATF Form 4 or ATF Form 1 Application

The National Firearms Act Division of the BATFE will return your ATF Form 4 or ATF Form 1 application generally for these 10 reasons.  Although, these are the top 10 reasons why your application will be returned to you, there may be other reasons that the National Firearms Act Division of the BATFE division doesn't disclose. Below are the top 10 reasons why your application will be returned to you.  If you do make one of the below mistakes, National Firearms Act Division will send back your application and highlight the reason why your application was returned to you.  At that time you are able to re-submit the application with the correction(s) to the application(s), on the most recent forms according to the 41F Rules and Regulations.  If you require further assistance the  National Firearms Act Division recommends you contact them at (304) 616-4500.  

  1. Endorsement missing. - You missed a signature field on your application. 
  2. Payee not acceptable.  Checks should be made payable to: BATFE. - Make your check(s) or money order payable to: ATF/NFA Division P.O. Box 530298
    Atlanta, GA 30353-0298.  
    Per the payable terms on the ATF Form 4:
    2. i) Remittance. The applicant shall complete item 20. Please note that you may pay by credit/debit card, check, or money order. The check or money order is to be made payable to ATF. Do not send cash.
  3. No corresponding check submitted with an application. - You forgot to attach a check with your application. 
  4. Amount missing on payment form. - On the ATF Form 1 or ATF Form 4 paperwork, make sure that you have included the proper amount for the tax stamp that you are applying for. Usually this is $200 for most NFA Firearms, and $5 for AOW NFA Firearms. 
  5. Credit card number error. - You wrote or typed an invalid credit card number on the payment page. 
  6. Credit card expiration date invalid. - You wrote or typed an invalid credit card expiration date. 
  7. Credit card payment declined. - You wrote or typed credit card information that returned a decline from your banking institution.
  8. Incomplete Transferee's information. - Check section number 5 on the ATF Form 4 or ATF Form 1 to make sure the transferee's information is complete and correct. 
  9. No serial number was provided. - You didn't include a serial number of the NFA firearm that you are attempting to register. 
  10. Obsolete forms were received. - The form you submitted was an older version and not accepted by the National Firearms Act Division.  
  11. Other. - This may or may not be used to explain why your application was returned to you. 

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