Moving with PCS Orders: Should you Apply for a NFA Tax Stamp?

Moving with the military and have Permanent change of station orders [PCS Orders] and your ATF Form 1 or ATF Form 4 Application 

If you have PCS orders before you apply for your ATF tax stamp, you can include a copy of the PCS orders in with your application to be expedited.  If you receive PCS orders while your ATF application is pending, then you can send a copy of your PCS orders to the ATF via mail, email or fax.  Be sure to include in the letter, email or faxed document the name and address of the transferee [if your application is a ATF 5320.4 or ATF 5320.5] or the applicant's name and address [if your application is a ATF 5320.1], and the make, model, and serial number of the NFA Firearm that you are trying to register.  For either of the above two PCS situations above, the ATF determines whether they will expedite the ATF application on a case by case basis that is determined by the branch chief.  The ATF will try to expedite your ATF application however, this is not a guarantee and you should talk with the ATF about your current situation to see if your application can be expedited or not.  You can contact the ATF at (304) 616-4500, you made need to talk to a specialist about your specific situation. 

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