Silencer Shop Kiosk Usage Fees

The Silencer Shop kiosk makes taking your fingerprints easy when you are buying a silencer. If you are using the Silencer Shop kiosk at your local gun store that you are having your silencer delivered to, you won't need to pay any kiosk fees.  If however, you use a kiosk that isn't your actual receiving gun store for your silencer, you may be charged to use the Silencer Shop kiosk.  Commonly this occurs when you have other responsible persons within your gun trust and they need to capture their fingerprints in a location that is different than your local gun trust.  The fee to use the Silencer Shop kiosk is not to exceed $40 per their website.  You can also save the $40 dollars and purchase a fingerprint card kit to be made by yourself or a co-trustee and then mailed to Silencer Shop.

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