Vermont State NFA Rules and Allowable NFA Items

Vermont has relatively few laws regarding NFA items; however, it is illegal for anyone other than a law enforcement officer or National Guard member operating in his or her official capacity to possess a suppressor. It is also a state-level offense to possess an NFA item in violation of federal law.


§ 4010. Gun silencers

A person who manufactures, sells, uses, or possesses with intent to sell or use an appliance known as or used for a gun silencer shall be fined $25.00 for each offense. The provisions of this section shall not prevent the use or possession of gun silencers by:

(1) a certified, full-time law enforcement officer or department of fish and wildlife employee in connection with his or her duties and responsibilities and in accordance with the policies and procedures of that officer's or employee's agency or department; or

(2) the Vermont National Guard in connection with its duties and responsibilities. (Amended 2009, No. 154 (Adj. Sess.), § 238f, eff. June 3, 2010.)

Illegal Possession of NFA Items:
§ 2302. Unlawful Firearms; Agency

(a) For purposes of this chapter, "unlawful firearms" means firearms the possession of which constitutes a violation of federal or state law and firearms carried or used in violation of any federal or state law or in the commission of any federal or state felony.

(b) For purposes of this chapter, "agency" means any state or local law enforcement agency, any state agency except the Vermont fish and wildlife department, and any local government entity. (added 1983, no. 132 (adj. sess.).)

Legal Disclaimer:

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