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What Does eForm 1 Pending Research Mean? And What to Do...

If you are applying with the ATF's eForm 1 eFile system you might receive an email from the ATF stating that your submitted application is pending research.  This will also include a draft copy of your eForm 1 form, as well.  What is missing from that email is your cover letter and the CLEO copy of your ATF eForm 1.  What does pending research mean?  This means that a portion of your application requires more attention from the ATF.  Pending research for your application can happen for many reasons on your application.  Many times this is triggered for issues involved in the manufacturer, model or caliber that you selected on Screen 5 of your eForm 1 application.  The most common reason is for applicants who are manufacturing their own silencer, suppressor or SBR, more specifically using the manufacturer code, "FMI" can trigger the pending research.  You might also have seen that your model was not on file with the ATF.  This does trigger the pending research, as the ATF will need to verify the details that you submitted on Screen 5 of your eForm 1 application.  While your application is pending research you aren't required to send in your FD-258 fingerprint cards yet.  You will receive another email from the ATF usually in 2 to 10 business days with your CLEO copy of your eForm 1 and your submitted form with the bar code and control number.  Your 10 business day deadline to send in your FD-258 fingerprint cards into the ATF starts after they have sent you the second email with your cover letter.  In summation, if your eForm 1 is pending research this isn't an issue.  You will need to wait for the ATF to email your submitted application which you should receive in 2 to 10 business days after their research is concluded. 

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