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What Happens if You Mailed in your FD-258 Fingerprint Cards and Cover Letter without a Control Number?

If you are applying for an ATF Form 1 tax stamp through the ATF's eForm 1 eFile website you might have a cover letter that doesn't include a control number and barcode. You might be able to get the cover letter from the documents tab before you submit your application.  With that cover letter you might feel inclined to send in your FD-258 fingerprint cards into the ATF, since you have only 10 business days to do so.  But that cover sheet doesn't include a control number and/or barcode.  What happens then?  No need to worry, the ATF examiner for your application will email you about this issue.  The examiner will request via email for you to send in the the cover letter that does contain the control number and the barcode.  You will be receiving the correct cover letter with the control number and barcode from the ATF in your email inbox after your application is submitted.

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