Which FD-258 Fingerprint Card Do I Need From the ATF Distribution Center?

When ordering fingerprint cards from the ATF Distribution Center, there are three options.  

  • FBI FD-258FA - FFL Application ORI WVATF1100
  • FBI FD-258EX - Explosives Applications ORI WVATF0900
  • FBI FD-258LE - NFA, Imports ORI WVATF0800

The fingerprint cards that will be accepted by the ATF for NFA applications is the last option - FBI FD-258LE - NFA, Imports ORI WVATF0800.  These are the fingerprint cards that you will need to order from the ATF Distribution Center.  The fingerprint cards ordered from the ATF can take 1 week to 3 weeks to be delivered.  If you need fingerprint cards sooner than that timeframe, you can order your fingerprint cards here - ATF Compliant FD-258 Paper Fingerprint Cards.  

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