.EFT File Creation Walk-Through Guide

This service is used to take your fingerprints and create an .EFT file for ATF eForm 1 and ATF eForm 4 applications. When using an .EFT file for a ATF eForm 1 or ATF eForm 4 applications, physical fingerprints won't need to be sent to the ATF. Your .EFT file will be uploaded in lieu of sending in physical fingerprint cards.

.EFT File Creation Cost: $65.00

This service is a one time service. Once you have your .EFT file you won't need to create another .EFT file for future tax stamp applications.  The file can be used multiple times.

You can start to schedule your .EFT creation appointment by visiting this link - Schedule your .EFT Creation Appointment and following the below instructions, you can also order through our website and we can schedule your appointment for you at a discounted price.


Page 1: Choose Service

Click the choose service button below the ATF logo. 

EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 1

Page 2: Choose Your Appointment Type

Click the ATF logo once again to proceed. 

EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 2
Screen 3: Privacy Act Statement

You will need to read and confirm that you have and understand the Privacy Act Statement to continue. Once the confirm box has been clicked, you can proceed to click next. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 3
Screen 4: I Have a Code

Click the I have a code box to proceed. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 4
Screen 5: Billing Account

Type in the code, NGTEFT and click next to proceed.  You can also click the next button on the following screen to verify the code and proceed. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 5
Screen 6: Address

Type in your address that will be shown within the .EFT File.  This is typically the address that is on your drivers license. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 11
Screen 7: Reason For Fingerprinting

You can click the button to confirm that you are using the .EFT File service to create an .EFT File for ATF applications and then click next to proceed. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 6
Screen 8: Live Scan or Card Scan

Click Live Scan to schedule your live scan appointment with the nearest participating UPS Store. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 7
Screen 9: Enrollment Location:

You will need to type in your zip code and click search to show the nearest participating UPS Stores and other fingerprinting locations. If you need to, you can increase the search radius. You will then click the location that you want to schedule  the live scan of your fingerprints at. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 8
Screen 10: Appointment Date

You will need to pick a date that you want to schedule your appointment for. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 9
Screen 11: Appointment Time

You will need to pick an appointment time from the drop down list. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 10
Screen 12: Personal Identity Information

Type in and complete each box based on your personal information.  This information is what you would normally see on a paper FD-258 fingerprint card and will go within the created .EFT File. When you have completed all of the boxes and drop downs, you can click next to proceed.
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 12
Screen 12 B: Confirm Details

You will need to verify your first name, last name, social security number, and date of birth to proceed.  If they are correct, you can click confirm.  If they are not, you can click close to make the appropriate changes. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 13
Screen 13: Identification Documents

When you go to your live scan fingerprinting appointment, you will need to bring two forms of ID. At least one ID must be from the primary list and must match your current name and address to proceed.  Only current, valid, and unexpired photo ID's will be accepted.  In the absence of a primary ID, you can use two of the secondary ID's instead. 
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 14
Screen 14: Payment

This is where you will complete the payment for the service. After your payment has been completed, you will be receiving an email from PrintScan with your appointment date, time, location and QR code that will use at the time of your appointment.  Your file should be emailed to you after your appointment has been completed, but may take two or three business days after your appointment has been completed to receive the file.  
EFT Walk-Through Guide - Screen 15

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