Requesting Replacement Copies of NFA Tax Paid Transfer Stamps and Forms

Please make sure your request for copies includes the following information:

Your name, current address, reason for request in detail surrounding the loss or damage of original issued stamp and the signature of the transferor or transferee depending on who is requesting the copy. In addition, if the address provided on the request is not the current address in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR) it will be necessary to submit an ATF Form 5320.20 for approval before the certified copy is mailed out.

Transferors: Please allow 30 days from time of approval prior to requesting a certified copy, since often times the original tax stamp is returned by the United States Postal Service as undeliverable, and the return can often take a few weeks. ATF’s intent is to provide the original tax stamp to the owner before providing a certified copy whenever possible.

You will mail your request to the below address:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Attention: NFA Branch
244 Needy Rd
Martinsburg, WV 25405-9431

Request a Copy of your Lost or Missing Tax Stamp Letter Generator

Source: "FFL Newsletter, October 22nd, 2019."

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