Single Shot Trust vs Unlimited NFA Gun Trusts

We get asked frequently how the Single Shot NFA Gun Trust and our traditional NFA Gun Trusts work.  The Single Shot NFA Gun Trust appears to be only used within the Silencer Shop ecosystem.  Meaning, if you are going to use your gun trust for ATF Form 1 tax stamp application or ATF eForm 1 tax stamp application, then you won't be able to use the Single Shot Trust.  If you are planning on using your gun trust for multiple NFA Firearms or title 1 firearms, then you can't use the Single Shot Trust since that is only used for one serialized NFA Firearm and can't be used for title 1 firearms.   

This is where a tradition NFA Gun Trust comes into play.  If you are looking to use your NFA Gun Trust for ATF Form 1 tax stamp application, ATF eForm 1 tax stamp application, for multiple NFA firearms or title 1 firearms then a traditional NFA Gun Trust might be a better option for you since the Single Shot Trust can't be used for the aforementioned examples.  Our traditional NFA Gun Trusts can be also be used for your ATF Form 4, ATF eForm 4, ATF Form 5 and ATF eForm 5 applications. The traditional NFA Gun Trust can be amended to add or remove co-trustees, doesn't require purchasing a gun trust for each NFA Firearm that you purchase.  The traditional NFA Gun Trust can also reduce the amount of paperwork involved due to the fact that you have one gun trust versus two, three, five gun trusts to manage.  You can learn more about our Traditional NFA Gun Trusts here to learn more benefits of an unlimited NFA Firearm and title 1 firearm gun trusts or order your NFA Gun Trust below. 

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