What is the ORI Number on the FD-258 Fingerprint Cards for NFA Applications?

The term ORI that is located on the FBI/ATF FD-258 fingerprint cards is short for originating agency identification. The ORI number is a nine-character identifier assigned to an agency.  The FD-258 fingerprint cards are used in many services other than the ATF NFA application process.  The ORI helps the FBI and the ATF designate the originating agency for the fingerprint cards that are being submitted.  For applicants who are submitting fingerprint cards for the ATF NFA application the ORI number that should be written or stamped in the ORI box on the FD-258 card is below.  The approved ORI number that we use on all of our FD-258 fingerprint cards is: 


However, there might be other ORI's that the ATF will accept, this is the main ORI that we use and recommend to use.  

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