Who is the Maker in Box 4 of the ATF Form 1 and ATF 5320.23?

When you are applying for a tax stamp using the ATF Form 1, you will need to enter in the, “Name and Address of Original Manufacturer and/or Importer of Firearm, and on the ATF 5320.23, you will need to enter in the, “Name and Address of Maker, Manufacturer and/or Importer of Firearm”.  But who is the maker and manufacturer of the ATF Form 1 NFA firearm?

If your title 1 firearm has already been engraved by a Manufacturer, e.g. KRISS USA, with their information, a serial number, model, and a caliber, then the information from the engraving will be used in Box 4 and is considered to be the “Original Manufacturer” on the ATF Form 1 and the “Manufacturer” on the ATF 5320.23. 

If your firearm is not currently engraved, then your information as the maker will go in Box 4 of the ATF Form 1 and the ATF 5320.23.  The maker would be your name and address as an individual or the name and address of your gun trust, corporation or other legal entity, if you are applying with a legal entity.  As a maker of an NFA firearm, you will need to engrave the below information on your firearm.  You can also view our ATF NFA Engraving Requirements Walk-Through Guide here

  • Name and Address of Maker
  • Serial Number
  • Model Number
  • Caliber

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