Blank ATF eForm 1 Cover sheet & Valid ATF eForm 1 Cover sheet

If you are missing your ATF eForm 1 cover sheet to submit your fingerprint cards to the ATF, you can use our guide - How to Find a Missing Cover Letter on the ATF's eForm Website, to find the cover sheet from your application.  However, there is a difference between a blank cover sheet and a valid cover sheet.  You can go back into your eForm 1 application to view your cover sheet.  But if the cover sheet is blank, this means that your application is still pending research or there is an issue with your application.  If the later is true, you can use the "Ask the Experts" feature to request the cover sheet.  Below we show the side by side comparison of how a blank cover sheet appears versus a valid cover sheet. Full Resolution Examples can be also viewed below by clicking the links. 

 Blank ATF eForm 1 Cover Sheet Example Valid ATF eForm 1 Cover Sheet Example
Blank ATF eForm 1 Cover Sheet Valid ATF eForm 1 Cover Sheet

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