Can you submit an .EFT File and a FD-258 Card for a Responsible Person who doesn't have an .EFT File?

Applying with the ATF's eForm site can be easier when you have an .EFT File for your fingerprints. However, some of your responsible persons may not have an .EFT File. Can you upload an .EFT File for on responsible person and send in a physical FD-258 fingerprint card for another responsible person? Yes, you can. In that case, when the ATF emails you the cover letter after you have submitted your application, you would have one responsible person with REC'D next to their name and one responsible person without the REC'D next to their name. This means that the responsible person who didn't upload an .EFT File would need to submit their fingerprint cards to the ATF alongside the emailed cover letter.

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