How to Amend your Gun Trust / Add Responsible Persons to your Gun Trust

An amendment to your gun trust is a change or addition to your gun trust.  If your gun trust is a revocable gun trust, you can amend your gun trust to add co-trustees a.k.a. responsible persons, remove co-trustees, change the named beneficiaries, etc.  The process to amend your gun trust with our gun trusts is simple. You can print the amendment that applies to the change that you want to make, complete the amendment and have it notarized, signed and dated.  After the amendment is notarized the amendment is considered to be executed and is effective.  With the current ATF 41 regulations when you amend your gun trust to add a co-trustee, you don't need to have the co-trustee submit paperwork (fingerprint cards, passport photo and ATF 5320.23) to the ATF until the gun trust applies for a new tax stamp.  All of the necessary amendments to amend your gun trust are included with our gun trusts.  You can also reference the instructions included with our gun trusts to see an example of how the amendments should be completed.  Other gun trust providers might not provide amendments or may charge you to amend your gun trust.  If this is the case you can restate your gun trust to our gun trust that includes amendments and avoid these additional charges that add up.  When applying for a new tax stamp,  you will need to include your original declaration of trust and any executed amendments.  Note: If you have amended your gun trust to add a co-trustee a.k.a. responsible person, they will also need to provide two fingerprint cards, passport photo and the ATF 5320.23 for the tax stamp application.  Conversely, you can amend your gun trust to remove a co-trustee before you apply for a tax stamp, as well. 

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