Indiana State NFA Rules and Allowable NFA Items

Indiana is an NFA friendly state. The only restriction on NFA items is that they must be properly registered pursuant to the National Firearms Act.

Possession of NFA Items:

     35-47-5-8. Machine guns.
     A person who owns or possesses a machine gun commits a Class C felony.

35-47-5-10. Persons exempt from application of statues relating to machine guns.
     The provisions of section 8 or 9 of this chapter shall not be construed to apply to any of the following:
     (7) Persons possessing, or having applied to possess, machine guns under applicable United States statutes. Such machine guns must be transferred as provided in this article.
IC 35-47-5-4.1 Sawed-off shotgun
(a) A person who:

  1. manufactures;
  2. causes to be manufactured;
  3. imports into Indiana;
  4. keeps for sale;
  5. offers or exposes for sale; or
  6. gives, lends, or possesses;

any sawed-off shotgun commits dealing in a sawed-off shotgun, a Class D felony.


*On May 11, 2013, Governor Mike Pence signed HB 1563 into law, repealing the ban on hunting with a silencer. The text below includes the wording that was stricken from the law.

 (b) An individual may not:
     (1) use or possess an apparatus designed for use with or on a firearm commonly called a silencer; or
     (2) use or possess a device used as a silencer;
in Indiana while in the act of hunting.

Legal Disclaimer:

This information is provided as a service to the public. It is NOT intended as legal advice and should never be considered as such. This information was up to date at the time of publication.

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