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UPDATE - Current Delivery of Approved Tax Stamps Delayed

The current delivery of approved tax stamps from the ATF are delayed.  Other areas that are affected are ATF eForm 1 Pending Research Times and NICS NFA Background Checks.  Approved physical tax stamps can in normal situations take a week to 3 weeks or more to be delivered to your SOT / the Applicant.  The ATF states that the current wait time to have your approved tax stamp is 45 days.  However, the ATF is experiencing 90+ days to have your approved tax stamp delivered to your SOT / the Applicant.  This delay can essentially turn a 6 month to 11 month wait into a 9 month to 14 month wait or more for the transferee. A certified copy of the approved tax stamp can be requested from the ATF and might arrive faster than the original tax stamp.  You can view our Request a Copy of your Lost or Missing Tax Stamp Letter Generator here.

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