ATF Correction Letter Approval Timeframe

When you are filling out and completing your ATF paperwork you may make mistakes.  This is normal. We have ATF Paperwork review services where we verify that your application is correctly written and that all of the fields are correctly filled out. You can view that service here - ATF Form 4, ATF Form 1, ATF Form 5 and 5320.23 Paperwork Consultation Services. This service helps alleviate potential correction letters.  We recently heard on the NFA subreddit r/NFA that an applicant received a correction letter back from the ATF because the ATF 5320.23 paperwork was missing from their application. Correction letters from the ATF can encompass a multitude of reasons like: missing or incorrect paperwork, issues with your form of payment, fingerprint card issues, etc. To view the most common correction letter issues you can check out our blog article here that discusses the most common issues - Top 10 Reasons Why the ATF/NFA will return your ATF Form 4 or ATF Form 1 Application. But what happens you make the correction to your application and mail the corrected application back to the ATF?  How long will it take to get your approved ATF Tax Stamp back from the ATF?  Our customers who receive correction letters are reporting to us that their ATF tax stamp is approved in as little as one week and up to 3 weeks. The ATF application correction letter comes after your background check is approved from the FBI and is one of the last steps of your application.  In summation, if you have received a correction letter from the ATF, you can expect to see your approved ATF tax stamp in around 3 weeks.

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