CLEO [Chief Law Enforcement Officer] Notification Requirements for ATF Paperwork

When applying for an ATF Tax Stamp, whether that is through the ATF Form 4 [5320.], ATF Form 1 [5320.1] or the ATF Form 5 [5320.5], you are required to notify the CLEO, a.k.a. Chief Law Enforcement Officer.  This paperwork is located within the ATF paperwork that you are filling out.  The CLEO paperwork is designated as the "CLEO Copy".  This can be found at the bottom middle section of the ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4, and the ATF Form 5 paperwork.  When you are applying for a Tax Stamp through the ATF, you are required to identify the CLEO for your location [read the bottom excerpt from the ATF Form 4 to determine who your CLEO is].  After you identity the CLEO you are required to send them via mail the CLEO copy of your ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4, ATF Form 5 and if applicable the ATF 5320.23 (Responsible Persons Questionnaire) paperwork.  You can also hand deliver this paperwork if you wish.  Note: You will only send the CLEO, the CLEO copy of the ATF 5320.23 if you are applying with a NFA Gun Trust or as a legal entity.  After you have either mailed the CLEO copies of the paperwork or hand delivered the CLEO copies of the paperwork, you don't have to worry about the CLEO anymore.  We often hear that the CLEO calls the applicant asking for more information or background checks, etc.  The applicant isn't required to give the CLEO any more information.  If the CLEO has a question or concern about the eligability of the applicant they can contact the ATF directly.  You through the ATF process have fulfilled your responsibilities by mailing or hand delivering the CLEO copies of your paperwork.  If you are mailing your CLEO paperwork into the CLEO we recommend that you use a mailing service that creates a tracking number that you can keep for your records, in the event any questions arise about the paperwork being delivered.

Below is an excerpt from the current ATF Form 4 [5320.4] describing the CLEO notification responsibilities. 

f. Law Enforcement Notification. The transferee must provide a copy of the Form 4 to the chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) who has jurisdiction over the area of the transferee's address shown in item 2a of the Form 4. In addition, if the transferee is other than an individual, a copy of the ATF 5320.23, National Firearms Act (NFA) Responsible Person Questionnaire, completed by each responsible person must be provided to their respective chief law enforcement officer. The chief law enforcement officer is considered to be the Chief of Police; the Sheriff; the Head of the State Police; or a State or local district attorney or prosecutor.

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